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Our bespoke PR products are perfect for businesses looking for quick PR solutions on a budget. From One-to-One Mentoring to Story Masterclass, we have the PR solutions you need to help you take control of your reputation and get the media coverage you deserve.

Our Products

Press Release Repair


Your press release reviewed and rewritten by one of our experts

Your headline and story edited to grab a journalist's attention

Your pitch email guaranteed to stand out in a journalist's inbox

If you want to get brilliant, high impact media coverage for your brand then you must have a newsworthy press release.


Don’t sit there staring at a blank screen, struggling to find your story and stressing over the headline, book a Press Release Repair and let us do the hard work for you.


We’ve written literally 1000s of press releases that have have helped businesses increase their visibility, credibility and sales.


One-to-One PR Mentoring


Your questions answered by one of our PR team

Your PR strategy optimised to get your brand maximum media exposure

Your pitch perfected to guarantee journalists will want your story

Are you overwhelmed trying to manage your PR on a limited budget and can’t afford a PR agency? Are you launching your brand but have no idea how to get media exposure?


Our PR experts are ready to help you overcome the challenges you are facing right now.


Book this hour-long personal mentoring session to get tailored advice so you can take control of your PR today and start seeing immediate results for your business.


Fast Track Media Training


Experts help to get your story straight for last minute interview requests

Mock interviews with a journalist so you can be confident and stay on-message whatever the question

One-to-one training and practical methods to get audiences enthused and engaged about your brand

Is standing in front of the camera your worst nightmare? Do you get tongue-tied when asked a question about your business live on air?


Book this intensive media training session to give you confidence so that you can be in control of the message in any interview scenario.


Practice with former journalists so you can give a nerve-free performance to engage new fans that will rave about your business.


Story Masterclass


Get clarity on your story, know what to say, to who and when

Get expert advice to help you connect with your customers and get engagement in your brand

Master your marketing and PR through clear and compelling messages that grow your business

Are you missing out on sales because you’re struggling to connect with potential customers? Are your competitors getting more exposure and traction than you?


Book this masterclass to clarify your story. Get expert advice to help build a narrative around your brand that will create an emotional connection with your customers.


A clear and compelling story will help people fall in love with your brand and make you unforgettable.